Do you know Bakwa Magazine ? 03/2019 [EN]

[FR] Bakwa est magazine littéraire et de critique littéraire créé en 2011 à Yaoundé (Cameroun). Dzekashu MacViban, écrivain et journaliste, en est le fondateur.

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[EN] A Brief History of Bakwa Magazine :

« Bakwa was created impulsively, out of the need to fill the lacuna created by the absence of literary and cultural magazines in Cameroon. It was clear from the start, that the page-view economy wasn’t going to work for Bakwa, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t think long term; the platform needed to exist; to fill the void. Eventually, for the magazine to grow, we had to overthink everything.

The first months were as exciting as they were exhausting. I did almost everything from ‘designing’ the site on WordPress to content copy editing. A few editors later joined me, and at some point, L helped with the site’s redesign. She’d recently started a blog, and her HTML skills surpassed mine. This was Bakwa’s first facelift, and things started coming together.
Borrowing its name from the diminutive of Abakwa, a soubriquet of Bamenda, the chief-town of the North West Region of Cameroon, Bakwa sought to highlight its proclivity towards Cameroon, but made space, nevertheless, for original and experimental writing, irrespective of country. (…)

« As the year unfolds, we’ll roll-out various changes (some of which started last year)— from food reviews, to podcasts, and revert to quarterly themed issues. These issues, which will be on pdf, and longer than the content we feature on the website, will pick up where we ended, with issue 8. This will be followed by a reissue of our back issues in pdf, and who knows, maybe print.

We invite you to join us, as we continue telling the stories of the continent, with literary excellence as our focus. »

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